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Saundaryalahari, the great hymn of Sri Sankaracharya, is the most popular Sanskrit hymn of its kind. In this text, the Divine Mother is adored in Her creative aspect under the name Tripura, which means the Mother who embodies the three creative aspects.

The translation by Swami Tapasyananda, a former Vice-President of the Ramakrishna Order with sterling scholarly insights, is meant to give the readers an intellectual understanding of Sri-Vidya embodied in the text.

Saundarya-Lahari of Sri Sankaracarya

SKU: 2447
  • Author: Swami Tapasyananda

    Language: English

    Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 182

    ISBN: 9788171202447

    Weight (In Kgs): 0.155

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