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Vedanta-sara is one of the best-known epitomes of the philosophy of Upanishads as taught by Shankaracharya. This work places before the readers some of the special features of the excellent commentaries on it which are at present not accessible to those who do not know Sanskrit. Being one of the best and most widely read introductory books in Sanskrit on Vedanta it proves to be a worthy introduction to the standard works of Gaudapada Shankara and Vidyaranya.

Vedanta-sara of Sadananda

SKU: 1102
  • Author: Swami Nikhilananda

    Language: English

    Publisher: Advaita Ashrama Kolkata

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 159

    ISBN: 9788175051102

    Weight (In Kgs): 0.11

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